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The Unfortunate Phenomenon of Black Political Groupthink

My black brother called me from Baltimore feeling frustrated and alone. He is surrounded by blacks, including his own household, who believe everything they are told by fake news media. No amount of data, logic, or truth seems to penetrate their wall of brain-dead loyalty to the Democrat party and worship of Obama. My brother said that even at his all-black church every sermon includes digs against Trump. In his black circles, spouting the truth about Obama is not tolerated. They angrily reject data confirming that blacks moved backwards culturally and economically after eight years of Obama.  As a strong Christian, my brother is saddened that many of his black peers abandoned Christ’s agenda to worship at the feet of their black-golden-idol Obama. Many black Christians ignore the truth that Obama was the most biblically-hostile president in U.S. history. Remarkably, even some black preachers threw their Bibles under the bus to support Obama’s anti-biblical mandates. My brother said he cannot understand why so many blacks eagerly accept Leftists’ obvious lie that all problems plaguing blacks are the fault of white racist America and their new Nemesis, Donald Trump. I praised my brother for being an independent thinker. He reminds me of Joe, an old black college buddy back in the 1970s. Around a dozen of us black art students were attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. The Black...

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The Racist, Hate-Preaching ‘Anti’-Fascists Are Back

The U.S. Army had its own slogan in WWII, which went, “Find ’em, fight ’em, fix ’em.”  (Except that in practice, the G.I.s used a different word for “fix.”) The principle is the same.  Lynch mobs are war mobs, which is why they like to lynch people.  They are equal-opportunity mobs, and in Africa, they pit black Africans against other black Africans, like the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda, who look like the exact same ethnic group, because they are.  But the French colonial administration pitted the two against each other, educated only the Tutsis to speak French, and scapegoated the Hutus.  The Rwandan genocide was only a matter of time, because lynch mobs are what they are all over the world.  It’s always done for the sake of peace and love, of course.  The psychiatric term for mob psychology is “displacement,” which comes down to blaming a safe enemy (who can’t strike back) to take out your rage and impotence on your real hate object.  It’s primitive, infantile thinking, and you’re supposed to grow out of it, if your indoctrinators will let you. These days, white folks are the favorite hate objects of the campus left, especially white boys and men, who are now forced to apologize for their genitals.  If they fail to humiliate themselves adequately in their brainwashing groups, they are punished by the commissars....

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Smashing the Patriarchy (and Asian Salad)

The current fabrication is that Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaiden’s Tale, now playing on Hulu, describes the U.S. under the Trump Administration. In Atwood’s Tale fundamentalist Christians force fallen women, forbidden to read or own property, to bear their children for the righteous infertile women and homosexuality is considered “gender treachery.” To most of us it’s a weird tale perhaps appealing to that not small body of women who wish to avoid responsibility for their life choices, but to the left-wing press it’s “a timely warning.” Sarah Jones’ piece in the New Republic is typical. (It’s illustrated, by the way with a drawing of Kellyanne Conway in Handmaiden garb just in case the connection was too subtle for readers or their too lazy to read the text, where the author compares her to the female collaborators in the Tale because she defends Trump “as a great boss.”) Jones was hardly unique in drawing parallels from The Tale to the present. As Heather Wilhelm at National Review observes:   According to a rash of earnest think pieces from dozens of news outlets, The Handmaid’s Tale is “timely” (the Washington Post), feels “chillingly real” (the San Francisco Chronicle), and has “an unexpected relevance in Trump’s America” (the New York Times). Atwood’s dystopia, writes Rebecca Nicholson in the Guardian, “has reignited the interest of readers, who have been drawing fresh parallels between Gilead and Trump’s America, and the novel topped the Amazon...

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Leftists, Ask Yourselves: ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’

Since the left views Donald Trump as Hitler and the Republican Party – currently dominant in Congress and the majority of statehouses­ – as accomplices in his fascist tyranny, the existential question each liberal-progressive ought to be asking himself is the very question a punk rock band made famous as the refrain of their most popular tune. The lyrics of The Clash’s 1982 song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” reflect the singer’s indecisiveness about whether he should remain in a relationship with a woman who today entices him and tomorrow plays hard to get.  “One day it’s fine, and next it’s black,” sings Mick Jones of his mercurial muse, “so if you want me off your back, well, come on and let me know: should I stay or should I go?”  Considering founding member Joe Strummer’s overtly leftist politics, the band could hardly have anticipated that their song, whose content is no more serious than an adolescent romance, would now serve as a metaphor for progressives and their love-hate relationship with the United States.  The question as to why liberals simply do not pack up and leave the United States has been on my mind, particularly after a recent conversation with a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart” fellow congregant at my church, who looked at me venomously when I told him I consider myself a constitutionalist.  His offense was...

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George Soros and German Media

While Russian political tampering concerns dominate news headlines, one area of concern that has been overlooked for many decades is Germany’s mounting influential power over media, academia, and/or book publishing, something which Dr. Robert E. Kaplan of Jerusalem calls “soft power” in his illuminating book titled The Soros Connection, where he demonstrates the very real possibility that George Soros is a political and economic wrecking ball working as a foreign agent for the German state. Dr. Kaplan received his Ph.D. in history from Cornell University. He was heavily influenced by historian Edward Whiting Fox.   Around 2000, Kaplan began noticing that Germany and German based trusts, foundations, and publishers, etc. seemed to have developed a habit of sending grants to Holocaust research projects. While some of this was most certainly done to help ease the problem of Holocaust guilt, there was too much altruism to be credible. The more Kaplan investigated, the more skeptical he became of Germany’s philanthropy — all with a seemingly limitless supply of money. Kaplan then noticed that similar German funding and/or gifting had been a longstanding practice for well over 100 years, including strong ties to yellow journalism together with the meteoric rise of both the Hearst and Newhouse media empires in New York. Further, Kaplan submits evidence of strong German financial connections to the Rockefellers, Carnegies, J.P. Morgan, and the Ford Foundation. All...

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