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Liberal Judges Unwittingly Declare ObamaCare Religious Mandate Unconstitutional

They don’t realize it, but liberals have just declared that Obama’s HHS mandate — which forced Catholics to cooperate with providing abortion and contraception — is unconstitutional. The new interpretation of the Establishment Clause espoused by the activist judges who are striking down Trump’s EO is that anything that has a disparate impact on a religious group is unconstitutional. The rulings by activist judges declaring Trump’s EO on immigration to be unconstitutional were based on arguments that if the EO/law had a disparate impact on any faith, or that if the person behind the EO/law ever said anything that could be construed to violate the new liberal interpretation of the establishment clause, then the EO/law in question was unconstitutional. Clearly since many religious groups believe that contraception and abortion are morally licit while the Catholic Church, and some Protestant denominations, believe that contraception and abortion are not morally licit any EO/law that requires funding contraception and abortion will have a disparate impact on Catholics since it forces them to violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Further, even if liberals argue that the HHS mandate is not discriminatory on its face all conservatives have to do is show that anyone involved in generating it ever said anything negative about the Church’s stance on abortion to meet the criteria set by the activist judges. After all the liberal judges admitted that...

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The Real Lessons of the Dutch Elections

The Dutch elections of March 15 were billed around Europe and beyond as a battle royal between the forces of populist evil, as represented by Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV), and virtually everybody else in the motley crew of Dutch electoral politics. The victory of prime minister’s Mark Rutte’s VVD party (which lost 20% of its seats) over Wilders’s PVV (which added 25%), was greeted rapturously as a monumental defeat for populism and a great triumph for Europe across the political spectrum. In fact, it was nothing of the kind, and if its coverage showed anything, it was that the European press, much like the American mainstream press, had become a one-trick pony that is good at demonstrating political bias, but rather useless in helping one understand where Europe is going. For these elections did have some profound implications for the future not only of the Netherlands, but all of Europe, that were nearly completely missed in the tons of ink spilled on partisan post-mortems. Two things stand out. An openly Islamist party made it into an European parliament on its very first try and the usual political home of Muslims in Europe heretofore — the socialist Left, suffered a grievous defeat, likely as a result, with the Dutch Labor party losing all but 9 of its 38 seats. This is a paradigm change documenting the growth...

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Democrats are the Birthers Now

This would be really funny, if it wasn’t so ridiculous and hypocritical. For eight long years Democrats called anyone on the right who questioned Obama’s birth or background a terrible name: “Birther.” I’ve never been a “birther” in my life. Not for even one minute. During Obama’s eight years in office, I made over 10,000 media appearances and I never brought up Obama’s birth once, nor ever made the case that he wasn’t born in America.  Yet liberal journalists and TV hosts falsely labeled me a “birther” anyway. Any conservative who questioned any aspect of Obama’s agenda was labeled and libeled as a (gasp) “birther.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Guess who the birthers are now? Liberal Democrats. The unhinged looney left is questioning everything about Trump’s past, present and future – no matter how bizarre, inconsequential or just plain stupid. First, liberals should be labeled as “TAXERS.” Liberal Democrats have screamed nonstop from the highest mountains for months about Trump’s taxes. Why? They claimed it was because President Trump never released his tax returns, so they had every right to call him a tax cheat. But to quote the definition set by that liberal journalist (and hypocrite) in Nevada, isn’t that questioning the background of the president? That makes liberals TAXERS. And hasn’t this insane, over-the-top, liberal attack on Trump’s taxes (and before that, Mitt...

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Our New War Party

What is transpiring now in the House of Representatives in the setting of the House Intelligence Committee is truly astounding. The Pontificatorium that is now “examining” “Russian Active Interference with the 2016 presidential election” has raised irony to the power of ten. FBI Director James Comey cautioned the members of the committee that he would be unable to comment on the details of any ongoing investigations that may involve classified material. And yet he has no problem with overstepping his self-limited description as a law enforcement official by offering astute foreign policy opinions such as “Putin hated Hillary Clinton so much.” The Intelligence Committee proceedings have descended into political theater, shamelessly top billed by Democrat Adam Schiff in his opening remarks replete with innuendo, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and “possibilities” of “coincidences” all designed to indict the Trump administration as a coconspirator with Putin’s Russia in defeating Hillary Clinton. Until 1991, the year the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight of corruption, terror, and the dismal failure of socialist economics, the Kremlin was the promised land of proletarian revolution. Following that demise, the American Left suffered the greatest crise de foi in its history.  For decades, American “progressives” carried water for Soviet leaders from Lenin to Andropov, cynically decrying the “witch hunts” and “McCarthyism” aimed at their ranks beginning in 1919. For the Left, the Soviet Union was the...

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The Secret Service and a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Although the Secret Service insisted that the pinched laptop contained no classified information, it nevertheless launched an investigation, which, given its other recent security lapses, added yet another inclusion to an already full investigative docket. That logbook includes a midnight intrusion onto the White House grounds by Jonathan Tran, a self-described schizophrenic, who managed to scale three separate barriers before reaching the Executive Mansion, where President Trump was home at the time. Apparently, Tran, like a tourist separated from a guided walking tour, wandered the White House grounds undetected for nearly twenty minutes, going so far as to look through the windows of the residence and “rattle the door knobs” before being detained by the Secret Service. Despite Tran’s assurances that he was simply at the White House for a scheduled appointment with the president, the midnight hour coupled with Tran’s backpack filled with cans of mace led skeptical agents to skip issuance of a stern warning and instead place him under arrest. Days later, the near home invasion saw the apprehension of an unidentified person trying to scale a White House barricade, followed hours later by a man who drove up to an Executive Mansion checkpoint claiming he had a bomb in his car. While the Secret Service firmly maintained that the president’s safety was never compromised, it did acknowledge that it would shore up security at the...

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